Bianchi Oltre XR3 Chorus 2018 Carbon Road Bike Blue from Rutland Cycling


Try before you buy. Our premier Binachi Dealers have the Oltre XR4 available to demo today with the option of ordering your size direct from Bianchi for you to try. Bringing the performance of the Oltre XR4 to more affordable levels, the Oltre XR3 Chrous 2018 offers cutting edge performance, great value, and Countervail technology to create the ultimate racing machine. Engineered to bring the Oltre Aero performance advantage to the masses, the Oltre XR3 range is crafted using the latest aero advantage and riding pleasure technologies. Benefiting from the same revolutionary frame developments at the heart of the Oltre XR4, the XR3 delivers the same great performance at a slight weight penalty. Countervail technology has been woven into the frame of each Oltre XR3 to cancel vibrations out before they reach your body. The result is a much smoother ride so you fatigue slower helping you to stay focused on even the longest stage races. These benefits are even more impressive when you factor in that the Oltre XR3 sacrifices no power transfer or stiffness for the increased comfort. This version of the Oltre XR3 is supplied with the premium Chorus groupset from Campagnolo and a selection Bianchi's own premium finishing kit to create a dedicated race bike with exceptional value. Premium Carbon Frame Based off Pro-Level Oltre XR4 Countervail Technology for a Super Smooth Ride High Stiffness and Power Transfer Offers a Highly Responsive Feel Aero Shaping Slices Through the air Saving Time and Energy

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