Specialized SWorks Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie Electric Bike 2018 Carbon from Leisure Lakes Bikes


If it wasn't for the faint glimpse of green LEDs flashing through the forest as you send it down through the trees, you'd surely forget that you were riding an e-MTB, which is exactly what makes the Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie/29 Electric Bike 2018 so much different than all the others. It's a trail bike, just with a little extra oomph. The 2018 Turbo Levo FSR sees the introduction of a carbon frame. For the S-Works model, it provides an overall weight saving of 650 grams. But more importantly than precious grams is the improvements in ride quality. The FACT 11m Carbon creates a much stiffer bike all round, creating a planted, snappy & confident riding experience. Long top tubes, short chainstays and low BBs are a staple of any Specialized Mountain Bike, and the 2018 S-Works Turbo Levo FSR is no different. Complete with modern trail specs to boot, including a 150mm travel Öhlins RXF36 fork, Öhlins STX Rx trail tuned shock & 2.8 Butcher GRID tyres to help maximise grip and keep power to the ground. These changes have also been introduced without compromising on the award winning Levo geometry. SRAM Code RSC hydraulic disc brakes have been introduced to confidently bring you to halt. The all new Turbo 1.3 Motor is a game changer for the new Specialized Turbo Levo. With improved efficiency, better heat managerment and more power packed into the integrated design. This has been achieved with the introduction of new hardware, as well as a new software update that more accurately tracks efficiency levels, as well as balancing your own power inputs to ensure an even smoother level of assistance. The new Trail Remote provides the ability to switch power modes without removing your hands from the bar. while also keeping a clean cockpit thanks to its discrete design. Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie 2018 Features The S-Works Turbo Levo FSR frame is constructed entirely of FACT 11m carbon fiber, making it not only lightweight but also quite stiff and responsive. The design includes Trail 6Fattie Geometry that includes a low bottom bracket, roomy top tube, and short chainstays. Cable routing is all internal, including that of the Command Post IR, while the battery is fully integrated in the down tube and the motor is secured by a forged brace mount. The custom Turbo 1.3 Rx Trail-tuned motor is built for the Levo and features a 15% power increase and a significant efficiency increase compared to the Turbo 1.2 motor. This successfully places it at the top of e-bike motor technology. It has many other features that no other e-bike can touch, like instant engagement, fantastic heat management, a double freewheel design that disengages the gear box when you hit top speed, and silent, smooth, and consistent output—even at max power. The Turbo M1-504 battery features an integrated Trail Display and ANT+/Bluetooth® module with Mission Control App connectivity. It also houses 504Wh of trail-taming juice, and it's neatly integrated into the down tube.

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