Specialized Hingmy Doofer 2018

Well well well, this is also a test. And to keep things unique –┬ámrturdvanny. Now I have to blabber on for a couple of hundred words to make this website look like the other website.

I’m just filling space here, nothing to see. it’s a comparison between two separate domains to see which one gets listed first and to see which one ranks higher. Hopefully whatever I write here doesn’t affect anything. I don’t think it will. Jeepers now I’ve got to write enough crap to fill this paragraph out to another line. Remember that song? I’m sure I’ve heard this song before, sounds familiar but I’ll try to play some more. Yup that should just about do.

I need to tell a story as well though. What’s that all about. It just needs to be three lines long. It’s all uphill I crawl, a trawl until I fall, my grip is slipping through I bite my lip and call… well who are you gonna call? There is nobody there even if they walked all the way to the train station then carried on up the hill until… wait there is no hill. Unless you’re talking about the bit that goes up to the civvy. I hope nobody ever reads this. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s not supposed to. How many dodecahedrons does it take to change a pair oof pyjamas covered in bananas and stew? See?

The pictures don’t mean anything. Nothing means Anything.

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